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If you find yourself near the famous Oxo Tower in London then please do come in, say hello and explore the entire j-me range right here at the j-me HQ. All products are available to buy and our team will be more than happy to help you.

In the j-me studio you will find our team of dedicated designers, thought-deep into new and exciting product developments. From carefully tweaking the latest products with tender loving care to passionate debates over colour choices, they are a force to be reckoned with! You may even be treated to a sneak preview of the new product before it hits the stores around the world.

You'll also find our admirable Admin and Sales Team beavering away, running a smooth ship.

You might even like to pop by to see our ever growing wall mural of all j-me products ever designed and made...since time began.

Although we are all focused and passionate about what we do, we all like a quick break. Challenge and beat one of us to a game on our foosball table (you'd be brave!) and you have yourself a deal! as you will leave the Studio with a FREE j-me product to embellish your home or working environment.

We look forward to seeing you
The j-me team

j-me studio front j-me foosball studio