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our history

j-me was founded in september 2000 with the desire to create products for the design conscious. winning awards along the way and successfully exporting the j-me brand globally, j-me has worked hard to earn a reputation for consistently producing high-quality products that show a love of design, attention to detail and a sense of humour. located in the creative hub of London's Oxo Tower, brothers jamie and mark follow a focused design ethos which results in a range of products that encompass original, intelligent design and everyday function.

we pride ourselves on the fact that we design & manufacture original ideas. we spend a great deal of time generating fun, emotive yet functional products that solve everyday problems. every j-me product goes through a meticulous development process. we generate dozens of ideas searching for that one concept that we feel is right. this evolves from an idea in the head to a quick sketch, then numerous models, building prototypes & eventually mass production. this whole process can take between 6 to 18 months depending on the nature & complexity of the product.

we only ever launch products we are proud of & happy to put our name on. we hope this brief insight gives you a taste of the journey our ideas goes through to become a product.

oxo tower j-me studio front oxo tower daylight oxo tower hand