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cassette tape dispenser

(approx €18 or $22)

the cassette tape is back!

get back into that old school feeling with our cassette tape dispenser. this really takes you back to that golden era. this new 2013 version is available in three brand new colours!

- tape included
- easy to replace tape, simply pull 2 halves apart
- holds 19mm x 33m tape
- weighted for extra stability

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material non slip rubber
dimensions 140 x 37 x 90mm
weight 0.416kg

cassette tape dispenser

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customer reviews
Always need tape - review by Daisy
Great product just wished it was heavier as I do a lot of taping at home. (Posted on 18/04/2018)
Good Memories - review by Jimmy
This is a very nice reminder of a good era. (Posted on 23/08/2017)
Loving it - review by Laine
I had one of these years ago and lost it during a move, I have bought another one cause I can't go without it! I absolutely love it and I can't wait until it arrives here in Australia! (Posted on 20/11/2016)
I love j-me products - review by Bea
I recently visited the j-me shop and bought many gifts for my friends back in Brazil. I love all the j-me products, so promised I would write some reviews.

The products are fun and colourful, best of all they have a use so won’t be thrown in a cupboard :-).

Amazing products j-me, I hope to visit again soon. (Posted on 10/03/2016)
tres cool - review by celine c
tres cool (Posted on 14/07/2015)
OLD SCHOOOOOOL - review by Socrates Diablo
You have to love this product. I am too young to remember cassette tapes but my dad has hundreds of them. When he explained what they are I was amazed. I bought all 3 colours to collect them and do not plan to use them. (Posted on 25/06/2015)
Great eye-catching useful item - review by Sandra Clarke
Bought this for my son and looks great matched with other green and black j-me pieces. Good quality and heavily weighted at the base so it doesn't tip over easily. My teenage son loves it. (Posted on 08/01/2015)
Love the look of it - review by Brian
I love the retro look of this tape dispenser. Though it is a little on the light side to use with one hand. (I bought this in 2012 so I don't know if the new version is heavier) (Posted on 24/06/2014)
A wind back to a great era! - review by Jasper Floris
Love it, Nostalgia, Retro, Happy memories and really useful! (Posted on 22/05/2014)
Looks good, a little lightweight - review by Chris Rix
Looks great on my desk in the office and always gets positive comments, except from those born after 1985! If it was heavier and I could use it one handed then would be even better. (Posted on 18/04/2014)