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Characters - review by Heyman
Cool characters to have sitting by the sink. Very good fun and practical idea. No drainage hole but very easy to clean. (Posted on 04/06/2018)
Need more - review by Poly
Why don't you add to the collection? A few more animals please. I know you have the sucker mounted ones but I prefer them loose and free standing. I own all 4 as well as wilson the whale. (Posted on 17/07/2017)
An excellent Product - review by Marilu Hanoa
This really is an excellent product. So clever and cute and great fun for my children. (Posted on 15/03/2017)
Headless fun! - review by Charlie
Cute but doesn't hold an electric toothbrush. (Posted on 25/05/2016)
It has to be Sid! - review by Sid
It is all about Sid. What a legend! (Posted on 20/10/2015)
Ace - review by Moses
Love these guys and I heard a 4th animal is on the horizon! (Posted on 30/06/2015)
Headless - review by saindun Ogogo
I have heard of a headless chicken but a headless giraffe, dinosaur and flamingo is too much! They should have heads and hold the toothbrush with their mouths. (Posted on 24/06/2015)
THANK YOU J-ME !!!!!!! - review by mindy
introducing Diego the Dinosaur to my son's bedtime routine has revolutionised our household!!!!!! Could never get him to brush his teeth but it's now a completely different story when we can play with Diego too. I just purchased a second one in case our first ever goes missing. (Posted on 18/06/2015)
Noahs Ark - review by Noah
cool, cool. cool. These animals are lively and set off my sink shelf nicely. The kids love them. (Posted on 17/06/2015)
A lot of fun - review by Ringo
Great ideas, great products. This are must have characters in any bathroom. (Posted on 06/05/2015)

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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